Brass Band

Andresen - Copenhagen Dreams - Tuba and Brass Band

Besides the rocking solo tuba part, Andresen has also included a part for the Danish National instrument, called a “Lur” or a “Lure” – which will be playing the oldest Danish melody from the 1200th century: “I dreamt a dream tonight”

Neumann - Love Waltz for Flugelhorn and Brass Band

This particular beautiful melody has a very special Nordic sound to it – and can in this arrangement be performed either by a Flugelhorn or as a vocal solo

Williams - Star Wars - Brass Band

The Star Wars main title theme is "arguably the most recognizable and iconic theme in cinema history."

Williams - The Cowboys - Brass Band

Williams offers up a robust, brassy score that leans heavily on the same prime Aaron Copland influences that informed Elmer Bernstein's Magnificent Seven and Jerome Moross's The Big Country.

Newman - 20th Century Fox Fanfare - Brass Band

The 20th Century Fox Fanfare is a musical piece played to accompany the 20th Century Fox logo when it was displayed during the opening of the movie studio's feature films