Brass Trio

Tignor, Scott - Spiders - Brass Trio

Hn, Tbn and Tba: 1. Spiders from Mars 2. Black W

Dunn - Toot Suite - Brass Trio


Toot Suite is an entertaining four movement work originally for piano from the turn of the 20th century for Brass Trio. About 10 minutes total in length for moderately advanced performers.

Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 6 for Brass Trio


Mike Wall, former Horn player with the Vancouver Symphony has written a great transcription for advanced performers. Instrumentation is for Trumpet in B-flat, Horn and Trombone.

North - Three Brisk Creatures for Brass Trio


This is a new work by one of Canada's most talented young composers. Three Brisk Creatures is a 4 minute whirlwind of sounds and rhythms as the music intertwines around the performers.

Bach - Wachet Auf - Brass Trio


For Trumpet, Horn & Trombone. This work gives all three instrumentalists a real workout. The horn playing the moving voice mid-range along with the trombone on the bass line. The trumpet plays the choral prelude melody on top in a beautiful legato line.

Christmas Carol Medley - Brass Trio


This medley is suitable for moderately advanced performers and is about 7 minutes long...each Carol can be extended to included as many verses as you wish to play.

Imitato - Brass Trio


Imitato by Johann Sebastian Bach ( 1685-1750 ) Arranged for Brass Trio by Lars M.B.Olsen