Christmas Music

York, Barbara - Conversations - Mixed Ensemble

Euphonium and Saxophone with Piano. Very popular for recitals and recorded by Adam Frey.

Briccialdi, Giulio - Potpourri Fantastico - Woodwind Quintet

based on themes from Rossini's Barber of Seville; edited and recorded by the Borealis Wind Quintet

Carpenter - Merry Christmas Darling - Brass Quintet

An all time favourite christmas song by the Carpenters is available for your enjoyment - in a very good arrangement by Mr. Tibbetts, featuring the Trombone.

Various - 16 Canzoni - Woodwind Quartet

Gabrielli, Frescobaldi, other Venetian composers

Cimerosa - Concerto for Oboe - Oboe Solo

with woodwind ensemble (2 Flts, 3 Clts, Bsn, 4 Hns, Alto and Ten. Sax and Bass)

Handel, G F - La Rejouissance - Brass Ensemble

Horn (feature), 4 Tpts, 4 Tbns, Euph, Tba, and Tim

Traditional Christmas – The Caroling Book for Trombone Quartet

Arranged by L.A. Philharmonic Sonny Ausman (straight tunes) and retired Professor Steve Sample (swing tunes), the music is within reach of most intermediate to advanced performers.

Loesser - Baby, its cold outside - Brass Quintet

Here arranged for Brass Quintet in a splendid way by Dwight Tibbetts. The arrangement is created in a comfortable register for all players, making the music easy to play, yet still higly enjoyable for the audience.

Traditional Christmas – 25 Christmas Carol Favorites for 4-part Brass Ensemble

25 Christmas Carol Favorites for 4-part (and multiple part using substitute parts)