Symphonic Brass Series

Symphonic Brass Series

When the brass players from a symphony orchestra wants to perform as an ensemble it is always a problem to find repertoire for the right formation because most combinations of instruments does not match. Music for "10-piece ensemble" include only one horn but 4 trombones, and other pieces for larger ensembles may contain parts for six trumpets, four horns, four trombones and two tubas. None of these match the brass instruments in the symphony orchestra. Therefore, we, DRAGE/ANDRESEN, has written a number of pieces for SYMPHONIC BRASS perfectly suited for the brass sections in a Symphony Orchestra.

Groenbech - Three Chorale Adaptations - Symphonic Brass Ensemble

a fantastic piece of music by Mr. Groenbech. Bo is an Organ player who has done quite a few compositions, mainly manifesting the Sacred music

Luther - Ein Feste Burg - Symphonic Brass

A great opening piece for a magnificent concert is always important - this piece is one of them! Most people know the piece, and the arrangement is extremely well suited for a grand opening of your performance.

McCartney - Wanderlust - Symphonic Brass

Another great addition to our Symphonic Brass series - aimed at worldwide symphonic brass sections concerts

Berggreen - Vær Velkommen for Symphonic Brass

This tune is traditionally always played and sung on New Years eve in Denmark. An Anthem like status has been given to this song

Clarke - Trumpet Voluntary for Symphonic Brass

As you can hear in the Sound sample, this is a great addition to your Symphonic Brass concert - a great arrangement with a huge appeal to the audience