Trombone Sheet Music

Hartzell, Doug - Ex-Tra Spicy T-Bone with Salsa Rhythm - Trombone Quartet

Doug's Tune; Four at Play; Could I? Big Mamma; Theme a Rooney; Mine or Yours?; Expectations; Five for Frank; Bootin' Bones; Joyn Ride; Jeannie's Tune; Majorin' in Minor

Belcke - Preghiera for Trombone and Brass Ensemble

Preghiera was originally written for Trombone and Piano, but is presented here in an arrangement for Trombone and Brass Ensemble, by Henrik Madsen

Berlioz – Witches Sabbath from Symphonie Fantastique for Trombone Octet

This arrangement of about 10 minutes in length by Randall Malmstrom is a full transcription of the movement and is appropriate for advanced performers….. and witches of course :)

Bach - Well Tempered Clavier Complete - Trombone Quartet


This is the complete set, Volumes 1 & 2 and contains all 24 of these fugues for advanced performers. This collection of the "Fugues" is the first of its kind and will become the "gold standard" of Bach Fugues for Trombonists.