York, B - Sonata for Bassoon and Piano - Bassoon solo

with Piano This piece for bassoon and piano was written for my daughter, Megan Potter, for her Senior Recital in Bassoon in 2002. As I tend to write “concept” pieces, this Sonata was designed to be very personal and to revolve around my daughter and our immediate family. The first movement depicts the “happy family” of her childhood, when we were all together. The second movement expresses some of the tender feelings she was then having for the young man whom she eventually married. The third movement is one of my “Matthew” movements. I find that I often have my son in mind when I write some of my most cheerful and lively pieces and this one displays a certain jauntiness and irrepressible jocularity that Matthew always had as a young child. Notes by Barbara York

Gade, Niels - Akvareller - Woodwind Quintet

Elegie, Scherzo, Canzonette, Humoresque, Barcarole, Capriccio, Romanza, Intermezzo, Noveletta, Scherzo

Various - Music Selections ("Potpourri") Vivaldi, Franck, Hummel - Saxophone Quartet(SATB)

1. Allegro from Concerto in Re minor - Vivaldi 2. Andante from Pieces V - Franck 3. Theme and Variations, Op. 102 - Hummel

Holland, Anthony - Four New England Poems - Flute Solo

with Percussion & Narrator: 1. Thoreau: Walden 2. Emerson: Nature 3. Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass 4. Margret Fuller: Summer on the Lakes

Marais - Le Basque - Flute Solo

with Chamber Ensemble accompaniment (3 Clts, Bass Clt, Bsn, 2 Hns, Str. Bass and Tambourine)

Foster - Stephen Foster Collection - Saxophone Quartet(SATB)

1. I Dream of Jeannie 2. Oh Susannah 3. The Camptown Races


Flute doubles on Piccolo: 1. In the Royal Court 2. The Young Maidens Dance 3. The Peasants Dance

Morgan - TWO POEMS OF WILLIAM BLAKE - Flute and Cello

Flute & Cello (opt. Narrator): Piping Down the Valleys Wild: Infant Joy

Nielsen - 7 Preludes for Wind Quintet

The Preludes are from Nielsen´s 29 little Preludes for Organ, Op. 61 - and the 7 chosen Preludes Mr. Andresen has arranged, works beautifully for Wind Quintet.