Andresen - Concertino for Trumpet and Brass Band

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Another masterpiece from the hands of Mogens Andresen. The main theme idea for the piece is taken from the marking of the joints of the copper roof from the Cathedral of Roskilde. Denmark.


Concertino - for Trumpet or Cornet and Brass Band, by Mogens Andresen (*1945).

The Cathedral of Roskilde is covered by a copper roof. Certain places in the joints between the tiles, the joints are particularly marked, and is forming a line. If you have that in mind, and then add the thought of these lines being music notes, the marked joints would create this tune :

Roskilde Cathedral Tune

This tune is represented throughout the whole concertino:
In 1. Movement as a main theme
In 2. Movement as a bass line and as a choral
In 3. Movements as a counterpart for the theme of the finale.


This product is available for digital download only - the item includes :

  • Score (44 pages)
  • Solo Trumpet or Cornet
  • Eb Soprano Cornet
  • Bb Solo Cornet
  • Bb Repiano Cornet
  • Bb Cornet 2
  • Bb Cornet 3
  • Bb Flugelhorn
  • Eb Solo Horn
  • Eb 1. Horn
  • Eb. 2. Horn
  • Bb Baritone 1
  • Bb Baritone 2
  • 1. Trombone in treble clef
  • 2. Trombone in treble clef
  • Bass Trombone in bass clef
  • Euphonium in treble clef
  • Eb Tuba part
  • Bb Tuba part
  • Percussion part

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