Big Band

Asmussen - Oh what a day - Big Band

Mogens and Daniel has done a phenomenal job with this arrangement! Very suitable for any Concert venue, and surely will leave a smile and a tappy foot, wherever it is heard.

Tizol - Caravan for BigBand

Adapted an arranged for BigBand by Mogens Andresen - and what a job he did. Works great and gets the right mood out of the piece - both being in the desert - "Caravaning it" and having a stop and rest - "Swinging it"

Andresen - Signatur Tune - Big Band

Signatur Tune was originally written for Dania Big Band - Copenhagen. The piece is now available for all Big Bands.

Zawinul - Birdland - Bigband


A timeless piece, made famous by the Weather report, a Jazz fusion orchestra, lead by Mr. Zawinul in the 1970´s and 80´s