Brass Band

Bowie - Lets Dance - Brass Band

David Bowie’s hit LET’S DANCE here arranged for Brass band by Mogens Andresen. This piece has really cool bas walks, funk-figures for all but still with the melody in focus.

Fabricius-Bjerre - Olsen Banden - Brass Band

A true show stopper in a Dixieland style, for all the fans of the 14 films about Egon, Benny and Keld

Andresen - Copenhagen Dreams - Tuba and Brass Band

Besides the rocking solo tuba part, Andresen has also included a part for the Danish National instrument, called a “Lur” or a “Lure” – which will be playing the oldest Danish melody from the 1200th century: “I dreamt a dream tonight”

Neumann - Love Waltz for Flugelhorn and Brass Band

This particular beautiful melody has a very special Nordic sound to it – and can in this arrangement be performed either by a Flugelhorn or as a vocal solo

Williams - Star Wars - Brass Band

The Star Wars main title theme is "arguably the most recognizable and iconic theme in cinema history."

Williams - The Cowboys - Brass Band

Williams offers up a robust, brassy score that leans heavily on the same prime Aaron Copland influences that informed Elmer Bernstein's Magnificent Seven and Jerome Moross's The Big Country.

Newman - 20th Century Fox Fanfare - Brass Band

The 20th Century Fox Fanfare is a musical piece played to accompany the 20th Century Fox logo when it was displayed during the opening of the movie studio's feature films

Sousa - BELIEVE ME IF ALL THOSE - Euphonium Solo and Brass Band

Solo or duet with Brass Band: 3 Cornets, 1 Trp, Flgl, 3 Eb Horns, 3 Trbs, 2 Baritones, 2 Tubas, Timp.

Andresen - Concertino for Trumpet and Brass Band

Another masterpiece from the hands of Mogens Andresen. The main theme idea for the piece is taken from the marking of the joints of the copper roof from the Cathedral of Roskilde. Denmark.

Lovely is the Earth - Dejlig er Jorden - Brass Band

This arrangement is made for Brass Band plus choir ( S-A-T-B).

Berggreen - Vær Velkommen - Brass Band

Arranged for Brass Band by Mogens Andresen and Daniel Drage.

Verdi - Marche Trionfale for Brass Band

A classic work from the masters hand - The second act of Aida´s grand finale is a hugely popular piece of music, used for many occasions. Daniel has once again delivered a solid arrangement, the parts are challenging but thrilling. A sure hit with any crowd!

Kuhlau - Elverhøj Ouverture for Brass Band

Daniels Arrangement is as always well done, with the true stamp of a very skilled arranger.

Kalle - Bottoms Up! for Brass Band

Bottoms Up! is a very catchy Swedish melody, a real showstopper! Arranged in a thrilling way by Mogens Andresen - a real crowd pleaser.

Andresen - The 3 Jokers - for 3 Trombones and Brass Band

The piece is build upon an old Danish Folk song, with many variations to present the 3 Trombones in a very catchy and charming way.

Henry VIII - Pastime with good company - Brass Band

A great Brass Band arrangement of Pastime with good company - a true showstarter!

Various - CARTOONS - Brass Band

Cartoons is a potpurri of all the good toones we hear in Disney Cartoons, humorously put together by Mr. Andresen.

Andresen - Concerto Danica - Euphonium and Brass Band

The piece is being used for competitions throughout Denmark, and is a very well written piece of music. Brass Band Version.

Pedersen - Village Band March - Brass Band

VILLAGE BAND MARCH consist of two small march-tunes of Laurids Pedersen, composed I Vejen, Jutland, Denmark, at “Oxenvadsgård” at the end of the 19th century.