Brass Quartet

2 Trps - Trombone and Euphonium

Gallupi - Sonata - Brass Quartet


Connie Schulz has done a good job arranging this little sonata for brass quartet - it is suitable for intermediate/advanced performers.

Anderson - Sleigh Ride - Brass Quartet


Ray Rosario has made a very nice arrangement of this cute song - great for carolling! The piece is suitable for intermediate performers.

Vesterinen - Sakkijarven Polkka - Brass Quartet


There´s nothing like a good Polka! And nothing like a good arrangement for Brass Quartet either :) 

Legrand - The Summer knows - Brass Quartet


The piece is as always most demanding for the 1. Cornet part - it reaches the top note of natural C. Otherwise the arrangement is suitable for intermediate performers.

Stephen Foster Medley - Brass Quartet


This medley is arranged for Brass Quartet by Scott Ramsey, and contains 4 songs : 

    "Oh! Susanna" or "Susanna"
    "Old Folks At Home" or "Swanee River" or "Way Down Upon de Swanee River"
    "Oh My Darling Clementine" ( Though usually credited to Percy Montrose ) 
    "Camptown Races"

Traditional - Spritual Offerings - Brass Quartet


Cute melody, creatively arranged for Brass Quartet by Connie Schulz. The piece is suitable for beginner/intermediate performers.

Dvorak - Slavonic Dance #4 - Brass Quartet


Paul Barra has done a wonderful job arranging this piece for Brass Quartet. The arrangement is suitable for intermediate/advanced performers.


Joplin - The Rose-Bud March - Brass Quartet


One of Joplin´s humorous marches - arranged for brass quartet suitable for beginners/intermediate performers.

Mouret - Rondeau - Brass Quartet


 This arrangement is very suitable for beginners/intermediate performers.

Riu, Riu, Chiu - Brass Quartet


Normally it is sung by a lone male voice, with a choir singing the chorus, and that is how this piece is arranged for Brass Quartet as well - with an optional Tambourine part included.

Marcello - Psalm XIX The Heavens Declare - Brass Quartet


Marcello was a famous Italian contemporary of Antonio Vivaldi in the baroque era, and this wonderful, very playable, musical celebration is an essential addition to the brass quartet library. This piece is suitable for intermediate/advanced performers.

Fillmore - Lassus Trombone - Brass Quartet


The piece is very well arranged, and as always it´s the trombone that carries the well know feature of this piece. A real crowd pleaser !

Dukas - The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Brass Quartet


Scott´s arrangement is challenging in many ways - it´s a hard piece to arrange because it is animated in it self, but every ordiance is going to smile when they hear the theme.

Rossini - Italian Algiers Overture - Brass Quartet

Ramsey has done a marvelous job with this arrangement, though it has soe tricky technical places, it would be suitable for intermediate performers.

Scott Joplin - The Entertainer - Brass Quartet

This arrangment is a real treat for any piccolo trumpet player - lots of fun, and a bit challening to play. The piccolo parts reaches high E natural, which makes this piece suitable for advanced performers.

Beethoven - Equale #1 - Brass Quartet


The equalis works beautifully for brass quartet as well - nicely demonstrated in this arrangement by Paul Bara.

Anonymous - Dona Nobis Pacem - Brass Quartet


A beautiful arrangement by Mick Hesse - Simpel but pretty, with a sprinkle of piccolo trumpet on top. A sure hit at any concert.

Wagner - Bridal Chorus - Brass Quartet


Connie Schulz has made a good, basic arrangement of this piece - suitable for begiiners/intermediate performers.

Bara - Brassworks Fanfare - Brass Quartet


Brassworks4 original Fanfare - written by Paul Bara. A short but majestic fanfare, with a squirt of cross-harmonic fun.


Bach - Brandenburg No.2 - Brass Quartet


This arrangement is definitely for the more advanced performers - arranged for both Piccolo and E flat trumpet, with a challenging trombone and euphonium part that requires fast moving fingers and great technique.