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Jazz, standards and swing music for brass quintet at brassmusiconline.

Disco Dances - Brass Quintet


A selection of 3 popular Disco tunes: The Hustle - Lover´s theme and TSOP

Loves Theme - Brass Quintet

Another great arrangement by Mr. Tibbetts - works really well in any entertainment setting

Fabricius-Bjerre - Olsen Banden - Brass Quintet

A true show stopper in a Dixieland style, for all the fans of the 14 films about Egon, Benny and Keld

Wonder - Sir Duke - Brass Quintet

This arrangement is suitable for medium to advanced players - a great addition to any reception or "fun" gig. The Drumset part is optional.

Do The Hustle - Brass Quintet


A great arrangement by Dwight Tibbetts - suitable for any reception gig or in the entertaniment category

Webber - Jesus Christ Superstar - Brass Quintet

A great arrangement for any festive venue or reception - works without drumset, but is clearly improved when drumset is available.

Puff, the Magic Dragon - Brass Quintet

The song is about losing the innocence of childhood, and at the end of the song, Puff goes back into his cave, which symbolizes this loss of childhood innocence.

Marshall - The Munsters Theme - Brass Quintet

The theme song for the popular TV sitcom show "The Munsters" in the 60´s. Great song for your Halloween concert!

Armstrong - Satchmo Lives! - Brass Quintet

Another great arrangement by Dwight Tibbetts - works great and plays pretty easily. It even start with the melodi in the Tuba part! :)

In Apple Blossom Time - Brass Quintet

Dwight Tibbetts arrangement is very nicely made, sounds super, and is written in a comfortable key.

Various - Summer Fun - Brass Quintet

Another excellent arrangement by Dwight Tibbetts - Easy playing while sounding good - that´s what we´re all looking for.

Alpert - Tijuana Brass - Brass Quintet

Mr. Tibbetts has made a wonderful arrangement ( be sure to hit the mp3 sample button ) with the this little potpurri of 3 songs.

Johnson - The Charleston - Brass Quintet

This arrangement is pretty easy to play - no notes above G in the trumpets, and not too many fast notes - yet it sounds great!

Loesser - Baby, its cold outside - Brass Quintet

Here arranged for Brass Quintet in a splendid way by Dwight Tibbetts. The arrangement is created in a comfortable register for all players, making the music easy to play, yet still higly enjoyable for the audience.

Ellington - Don't Get Around Much Anymore for Brass Quintet


Keith Terrett has written a delightful arrangement of about five minutes in length of one of Duke's most well known songs for brass quintet for moderately advanced performers.

Zawinul - Birdland - Brass Quintet


- an instrumental composition by Joe Zawinul in 1977 for his band Weather Report on the album Heavy Weather. Brass Quintet plus Drumset arrangement by Brian Bindner.The arrangement can easily be played without drumset.

Yakus - Old Cape Cod - Brass Quintet

A great arrangement by Mr. Tibbetts - fairly easy to play, yet easy to swing

Amazing Grace - Brass Quintet


Amazing Grace for brass quintet (opt. bagpipes) in swing style - Arranged by Arturs Gravitis.

Shaiman-McLean - A Wink and A Smile - Brass Quintet


A timeless song from the popular movie "Sleepless in Seattle" - arranged to be played by intermediate players

Clark - Spring Cleaning Rag for Brass Quintet


New original Rag for Brass Quintet composed by Canadian Trumpet legend, Don Clark.