Cottrell, J - Studies in Ancient Irish Song - Tuba Methods/Studies/Etudes

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"Studies in Ancient Irish Song" serves several purposes for the brass student. One is to give younger players an introduction to lyrical playing which will help prepare them for the greater demands made by the Bordogni and Concone etudes. Another is to challenge more advanced players with the techniques of phrasing and dynamic control required for pleasing melodic interpretation. They can be also used as part of one’s warm-up routine once some of the etudes become more familiar, providing players of all levels with beautiful, flowing melodies to warm-up the “musical” part of our playing that sometimes is overlooked in a daily routine. The performer should feel free to add dynamics to the ones already provided in the etudes. Breath marks are not provided, however, so that one may have more of a challenge in interpreting the phrases.


Studies in Ancient Irish Song

Composer: Cottrell, Jeffrey

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