Symphony Orchestra

Kouptsov - Concerto for Trombone and Symphony Orchestra

Rarely do we come across new compositions for the trombone on this scale: Full Symphony Orchestra!

Henry VIII - Pastime with good company - Symphony Orchestra

A great arrangement of Pastime with good company - a true showstarter at any concert!

Andresen and Drage - COLONIAL CONCERT - for Tuba and Symphony Orchestra


A great new addition to the Tuba catalouge by Mogens Andresen and Daniel Drage.

Andresen - Intrada Chaconne - Narrator and Symphony Orchestra

This is a great piece for presentation of the orchestra - The narrator introduces each instrument, followed by a solo in that instrument. A true crowd pleaser and a must have for any Symphony Orchestra.

Andresen - Venetian Concert for Bass Trombone and Symphony Orchestra

Mogens has once again outdone himself with this magnificent piece, which is a great addition to the bass trombone repetoire