Trombone Sheet Music

Methods and Studies

Lehman - The Brass Musician - Methods/Studies/Etudes

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Teagarden - High Tone Studies for Trombone

Musical legend, Jack Teagarden is regarded as one of the finest jazz Trombonists of all time. His relatively unknown HIGH TONE STUDIES FOR TROMBONE were written in 1936

Stacy's Successful Studies for Trombone compiled by Ira Nepus

These three marvelous books Stacy completed are now available in one volume. This will help perpetuate Stacy's legacy and keep trombone players all over the world improving their practice and quality of their playing for years to come.

Sauer, Ralph - Clef Studies for Trombone


With a new Foreword, this edition is a faithful copy of the earlier Wimbledon publication which is now out of print. Ralph Sauer's intermediate level Clef Studies book is now available from Brass Music Online in direct download form.

Slama - 66 Etudes in all Major and Minor keys for Euphonium edited by Ralph Sauer


This new improved edition has been carefully edited by Ralph Sauer, eliminating many misprints and articulation conflicts. We can recommend this method book for all students of intermediate level and above.

Brubeck - STEREOGRAMS - Rhythmic Etudes for Bass Clef Instruments


Brubeck’s music requires rhythmic accuracy and multiple tonal colors, and are especially useful as sight reading tools to keep the performer sharp and on his/her toes.

Clarke - Method for Trombone


For the advanced performer, this book is great to use as a way to ease back into shape after a rest from the instrument, allowing the performer to “relearn” the instrument carefully and methodically

Langey - Method for Slide Trombone in B-flat


This book of over 120 pages is suitable for performers from beginner right up to advanced.
We are pleased to add this valuable method book to our Vintage Brass collection.

Cimera - Seventy Nine Studies for Trombone


This book of Seventy Nine Studies from 1949 was written when there was very little literature of its kind for the trombone. Unlike his "55 Phrasing Studies" from 1959, these are more difficult with challenging, unexpected slide-work in many unusual keys.

Mantia - The Trombone Virtuoso, an Advanced Method Book


Mantia performed with the Metropolitan Opera Company for many years and was for quite a while, its Personnel Manager, coming across hundreds of top instrumentalists who migrated and lived in New York City. As a young performer, he was also a leading soloist with the Sousa band and toured with it throughout North America.

Bordogni - Melodious Accompaniments for Trombone and Euphonium


Beautifully engraved in bass clef, these accompaniments are perfectly suited for intermediate to moderately advanced performers. The original Rochut Etudes are NOT included in this collection, just these accompaniments.

Reynolds - A Comprehensive Workbook for Bass Trombone and Trombone with F-attachment


This ”workbook“ is more than the sum of its parts. It describes an attitude about work, discipline, passion, career and love of music. Mr. Reynold‘s book is a must for all serious Bass Trombonists.

Cimera - 55 Phrasing Studies for Trombone

These short studies for intermediate players are the perfect vehicle to teach the basic lessons of phrasing to the young performer. Mr. Cimera was a master teacher, extraordinary musician, trombonist, composer and arranger who had a major impact in the Chicago area’s cultural life in the first half of the 20th Century.

Bel Canto Studies for Trombone with Piano accompaniment


These studies are the in the style of vocalises, (having no words) and can be performed unaccompanied, or with their original accompaniments.

Satie - Trois Gymnopedies for Tenor Trombone and Piano


Ralph Sauer has done a beautiful job of editing these works for Tenor Trombone & Piano. The simplicity of the music is its genius. For moderately advanced performers in tenor clef. 

Brahms - Ten Studies for Trombone


The Studies were all originally written in the key of “C” treble clef. Mr. Cherry has taken the liberty to transpose many of them into different keys for musical variety and technique. 

24 Legato Studies - Trombone


24 Legato Studies for the Trombone - by Alexey Kaleynikov, Trombone Professor at the School of Music, Russia.