Trombone Choir/Ensemble

Trombone Ensemble 6 and above

Nielsen - Helios Overture for Trombone Octet

Silence and darkness, The sun rises with a joyous song of praise, It wanders its golden way and sinks quietly into the sea

Bach – Capriccio BWV 992, "On the Departure of a Beloved Brother" for 6-part Trombone Ensemble

In his arrangement Marcellus has split the music into a two 3-part Trombone choirs each with two tenor Trombones and a bass Trombone.

Stravinsky - Round of the Princesses from The Firebird for Trombone Octet

This arrangement of about 6 minutes in length by Randall Malmstrom wonderfully exploits the smooth lyrical playing of the trombone. For advanced players.

Three Sweedish Tunes - Trombone Octet

The piece has been played worldwide by some prominent players like Berlin Philharmonic Brass Ensemble, amongst others.

Tchaikovsky – Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture for Trombone Octet

The music is grand, sweeping, romantic, with dark tragic tones. The Trombone ensemble is an excellent medium for Shakespeare’s and Tchaikovsky’s works of genius.

Wagner – Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde for Trombone Octet

Randall Malmstrom has scored this 7-minute work for Trombone octet of advanced performers.

Biebl - Ave Maria for 8-part Trombone Ensemble

This 7-minute arrangement by Robert Kalwas is for 8-part Trombone ensemble and of moderate difficulty. All parts are in bass clef and the ranges are not extreme at all.

Berlioz – Witches Sabbath from Symphonie Fantastique for Trombone Octet

This arrangement of about 10 minutes in length by Randall Malmstrom is a full transcription of the movement and is appropriate for advanced performers….. and witches of course :)

Holst – The Evening Watch for Trombone Octet

This arrangement for 8-part trombone choir seems altogether appropriate given the instrument’s vocal character, its frequent use for music at funerals and Holst’s other musical passion; his short career as a trombonist.

Sibelius – Karelia Suite - Two Movements for 6-part Trombone Ensemble & Organ

Karelia Suite, Opus 11 is a concert suite taken from an 11-movement work that Sibelius composed using Finnish folk music.

Respighi - Pines of the Appian Way from "Pines of Rome" for Trombone Ensemble w. Timpani

Randall Malmstrom has brilliantly scored this masterpiece for a 10-part Trombone ensemble and Timpani. For advanced performers.

Gabrieli - Omnes Gentes Plaudite - Motet for 16-part Trombone Choir

Omnes Gentes by Giovanni Gabrieli is a 16-part vocal motet in 4 choirs that has been transcribed for Trombone ensemble by Russell McKinney

Stravinsky - Finale from "The Firebird" for Trombone Octet

A great arrangement of Stravinsky´s "Firebird" for Trombone octet.

Schubert - Scherzo from Symphony No. 9 for 8-part Trombone Ensemble

Arguably Schubert's greatest symphonic work, the Great C major is almost an hour in length, bursting with melody from every corner.

Mahler - Chorale from Symphony No. 2 for Trombone Octet

This excerpt from the Symphony features the low brass which makes this arrangement by Randall Malmstrom so meaningful.

Mussorgsky - Baba Yaga & Great Gate of Kiev from Pictures at an Exhibition - Low Brass Octet


Randall Malmstrom has produced an epic arrangement of these two movements for Low Brass octet for advanced performers.

Holst - Mars, The Bringer of War from the Planets for Low Brass Octet with opt. Timpani


Randall Malmstrom has written a most exciting arrangement of the movement for 8-part low brass ensemble with optional Timpani for advanced performers.

Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag for Trombone sextet


Michael McGuire’s 3 minute arrangement for six Trombones is for advanced performers. 1. Trombone part is in tenor clef, and all other parts are in bass clef.