Trombone Choir/Ensemble

Trombone Quintet

Pryor - Blue Bells of Scotland for Solo Trombone and Trombone Quartet

Dedicated to Ian Bousfield, Wes Ballenger has arranged it for 5 players; Solo Trombone and Trombone quartet.

Berlioz - Roman Carnival Overture for Trombone Quintet

Wes Ballenger has ingeniously arranged the complete overture for Trombone quintet.

Pachelbel - Chorale Partita with Seven Variations for Trombone Quintet


Keith Terrett has done a great job arranging these elaborate variations of about 6 minutes in length for a Trombone quintet of advanced performers..

Morales, Cristobal de - Ave Regina Caelorum for Trombone Quintet


The range goes to a top high C with Tenor Clef in the top two voices and is appropriate for moderately advanced performers.

Williams - Classical Gas - Trombone Quintet


Mason Williams emerged in the late 1960’s as a strong force in television and music circles. 

Raum - Quintet for Trombones


The work is about 4 minutes in length and has a Toccata-like style, in that the ensemble is passing around the main melody throughout the entire work, keeping the flow and energy constant.

Puccini - O mio Caro Babbino from Gianni Schicchi for five part Trombone Quintet


This work requires good endurance from the 1st part, but the other parts are easily handled. This is the only arrangement of this 3 minute work and has a lush beautiful sound.

Kay - The Xenomorphic Blues for five (5) part Trombone Quintet


A rip-roaring down & out blues chart for 5 bones (same chart as the 4tet but with an extra part). An original composition by Canadian Trombone Superstar Al Kay.

Fillmore - Lassus Trombone for Trombone Quintet


Henry Fillmore's famous "Lassus Trombone" is now available in a roaring jazzy version arranged by Matt Lennex. 

Parry - Jerusalem for Trombone Quintet


Most recently the song was used in the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton to great applause.

Gesualdo – Three Motets for Five part Trombone quintet


The setting works beautifully for Trombone Choir. Dr. Bradley Palmer has done a beautiful job of transcribing and editing these works.

Hassler - Three Madrigals for five part Trombone Quintet


The first part is in tenor clef, the rest in bass clef. The works can be performed by intermediate players. The 3 movements total about 7 minutes in length. Good for recitals and concerts.

Satie - Trois Sarabandes for Five Trombones


The three movements are about 12 minutes in length and can be performed by moderate to advanced performers (the 1st part is in alto clef and reaches a high E-flat, but the other parts are more moderate in difficulty.

Bruckner - Christus Factus Est for 5-part Low Brass Ensemble


This beautiful arrangement by Randy Malmstrom is in 5 parts can be performed with four Trombones and Tuba or 5 Trombones.

Mussorgsky - Promenade and Bydlo for Trombone Quintet


Mussorgsky, Modeste – Promenade and Bydlo from Pictures At An Exhibition for five (5) part Trombone Quintet

Originally full orchestra, this two movement transcription of Mussorgsky's Promenade and Bydlo movements is a wonderful addition to your program. Both movements are in the original key. The Bydlo movement features a soloist in the famous tuba solo.

This product includes :

•    Score
•    1. Trombone part in Tenor clef
•    2. Trombone part in Bass clef
•    3. Trombone part in Bass clef
•    4. Trombone part in Bass clef
•    Brass Trombone part in Bass clef

23 pages.

Anniversary Fanfare - 4 Trombones and Tuba


Anniversary Fanfare for 4 Trombones and Tuba in F by A. Kaleynikov - Dedicated to Dicopolsky Ev. B.