Tuba Sheet Music

3 Trombones and Tuba

Gabrieli - Sonata - Trombone Quartet

This Sonata was originally written for 3 Violins and Continuo-bass, men it is really working well for 4 Trombones or 3 Trombones/Euphoniums and Tuba.

Andresen - Three Danish Tunes - Trombone Quartet

3 DANISH Tunes for 4 Trombones and percussion was comissioned by The Danish Trombone Quartet for a recording project consisting of old Scandinavian tunes. Even though the piece were meant to be for Trombones, the low brass parts can easily be played by 3 Euphoniums and Tuba.

McDougall - Quintal Mood for 3 Trombones and Tuba


The music uses the "Perfect Fifth" as a starting point for a soundscape that is lush & mysterious.

McDougall – Dance Suite for Three Trombones and Tuba


Louie's Jig is a rompin', stompin' "Fiddler's Jig" for Low Brass which will get your audience on their feet... the performers will have a bit of fun too!!